It is common for dogs to have ticks. These troublesome parasites are extremely experts when it comes to attaching themselves to the coat of our dogs even if you try your best to get rid of them. Fortunately, we have gathered some tips to prevent and treat dog ticks 

A tick is an eight-legged parasite, which stings your dog to sip their blood. Even though this parasite is very small, they could become bigger similar to pea-size. Dog ticks can get bigger if they have successfully attached themselves to your dog’s coat. In order to drink blood, they bury their mouthparts to the skin of your dog. 

There are many tick types, which could affect dogs all over the world such as hedgehog ticks, sheep ticks, and dog ticks. Other ticks transmit diseases and they can bite humans as well. 

How to spot dog ticks? 

Dog ticks are large enough to be seen. Once they have had a successful bite, they could appear to be similar to small warts and as you look closely, you will be able to spot their legs. Commonly, you can find them around the neck and head area of your pet. You only have to part the fur of your dog and run your fingers on their skin. The bites from ticks could also cause redness and irritation. 

How to get rid of dog ticks? 

Once you spot a tick, you should not pull it out of the skin of your dog since you might cause the tick’s mouthpart to be left behind, which can possibly result to inflammation and infection. The best thing to do is ask assistance from your veterinarian to give you a tick removal tool, which is specially made to remove the tick’s mouthparts as well. If you do not know how to do it, you could ask them to show you the process of tick removal. The moment you have eliminated the tick, you should make sure that its legs and head are still intact and there is nothing left behind in the skin of your dog. 

Other flea products kill ticks as well, while some offer a little additional protection to combat them. However, they will be needing more regular application compared to the usual. In order to know what treatments are suitable for your dog, you must talk to your vet always. In other cases, brushing your dog’s coat could help you eliminate the ticks. 

How to repel ticks? 

If you are within an area where ticks are usual, immediately contact your vet. Because if you do, the greatest means to stop them is through treatments that are veterinary-approved. 

Spot-on tablets, collars, and treatments could help to either kill or repel dog ticks once they start attaching themselves to your pet. There are many available options to choose from. So, you should refer first to your vet before purchasing anything. While grooming your dog, make sure to look for signs of ticks for you to immediately catch them.